Indian Block Print Fabric

Indian block printing was, is and will always be in trend. The simplicity of traditional block prints can steal anyone’s heart easily. The inimitability of these designs has extended its approach to each and every corner of the world. The main reason behind the increasing demand of Indian block printing fabric is the scarcity of originally handmade traditional block print fabric. At navyasfashion, we offer Indian print fabric at wholesale prices. We have a variety of block print salwar suits, quilted jackets for women, block print table cloth and napkins and block print fabric by the yard. Browse our cotton fabric category below to order the products of your choice.

What is that one thing that you are extremely happy about your country? Isn’t it the tradition of India that excites you to be a part of such a traditionally equipped country? Aren’t you proud of the culture that you are living with in this country?

If you are a true Indian, you surely value the traditions of India and if you value the traditions of your country, you are very well aware about Indian print fabric because the traditional fashion of this country is all about the amazing printed fabrics that you see everywhere. From block printing on fabric to different animal figures on the clothes, there are different varieties provided by brands like NavyasFashion that manufacture the best Indian print fabric.

Why is printed fabric so popular in India?

First of all, Indian Block print fabric looks amazing when you make clothes out of the same. The printed objects are moderate to large in size and hence look gorgeous when you wear them as clothes. Designers under brand names like NavyasFashion know how to design and manufacture the most amazing clothes for you out of block printing. When you wear such clothes, you feel and look more appealing to the eyes of the crowd. When you wear block or other such prints, you look slimmer.

Last, but not the least, most of the people prefer block print because wonderful accessories can be worn on such fabrics.

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  1. '.$strpn[0].' Yellow Khari Cotton Kurta Set
    20% OFF
    Yellow Khari Cotton Kurta Set-KS657
    Special Price $37.17 Regular Price $46.62
  2. '.$strpn[0].'
    20% OFF
    Orange Khari Cotton Kantha Kurta Set-KS656
    Special Price $34.65 Regular Price $43.47
  3. '.$strpn[0].' Maroon Red Embroidered Kurta Set
    20% OFF
    Maroon Red Embroidered Kurta Set-KS655
    Special Price $37.17 Regular Price $46.62
  4. '.$strpn[0].' Pink Bagru Floral 3
    10% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Pink Bagru Floral 3-Piece Set-KS654
    Special Price $49.77 Regular Price $55.44
  5. '.$strpn[0].'
    23% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Bagru Floral 3-Piece Set-KS654
    Special Price $49.77 Regular Price $64.89
  6. '.$strpn[0].' Bagru Paisley 3
    34% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Bagru Paisley 3-Piece Set-KS651
    Special Price $42.84 Regular Price $64.89
  7. '.$strpn[0].'
    36% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Floral Bagru 3-Piece Set-KS650
    Special Price $44.73 Regular Price $69.93
  8. '.$strpn[0].' Mustard Bagru 3
    36% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Mustard Bagru 3-Piece Set-KS649
    Special Price $44.73 Regular Price $69.93
  9. '.$strpn[0].'
    43% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Bagru Paisley Kurta Pant Set-KS648
    Special Price $31.37 Regular Price $55.44
  10. '.$strpn[0].' Floral Bagru Kurta
    40% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Floral Bagru Kurta-KS647
    Special Price $23.63 Regular Price $39.06
  11. '.$strpn[0].' Red Long Kurta
    46% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Red Long Kurta-KS646
    Special Price $23.63 Regular Price $44.10
  12. '.$strpn[0].' Peach Cotton Long Kurta
    38% OFF
    Hand Block Print
    Peach Cotton Long Kurta-KS645
    Special Price $30.24 Regular Price $49.14