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Pareo Sarong

Cotton sarongs are basically long pieces of cotton cloth, which give a refreshing look every time when tied in different way. These sarongs can be worn as wraparound skirt, halter dress, toga dress, quick bathing suit cover-up, scarf, etc. Sarongs for women are also known as pareo wrap or pareo sarong. Pareo sarong has got its name from the Tahitan Culture, where pareo means wraparound skirt. From where to buy a sarong is a big question! But Navyasfashion gives the perfect solution. Both women and men can buy sarongs online from Navyasfashion. Navyasfashion uses natural colour dyes in handmade block print fabrics used in the making of pareos and sarongs. Sarongs available here for sale are great way to stay cool in hot summers. The comfort of cotton and elegance of handmade block prints make pareo wrap, a perfect outfit for summers. Buy sarongs online and enjoy hot summers with a huge smile. People fond of handmade block print fabric must also check out our collection of cotton scarves.

Summer doesn’t look like summer till you are comfortable in light clothing. Our range of Sarongs will leave you in the best mood of summers. The pareo wrap fabric comes in varied colors. Pareo sarong is highly loved by the foreigners as these come handy not only in scorching summer heat, but also for other purposes too.

With a collection of sarongs for sale at our NavyasFashion online store, you may use them for different purposes. Spread two sarongs on the mattress and make them instant sheets. On a hot sunny day, our printed Sarong can be used as towels. Our sarongs help to take off the weight of heavy towels during your journey. The fabric is so light that it dries up easily. Many people also use sarongs like a bathrobe instead of carrying a robe additionally. Temple visits are fun as our light colored sarongs can be draped on the shoulders and head. You may also cover your bare legs and waist, while you visit certain areas where short clothes are restricted.

Why carry a cap or a hat when you have sarongs to act as scarfs? With glares on, they really look pretty.

Buy these today and unleash your creativity. Turn these into skirts, shawl, beachwear, hairbands, and anything that helps you to explore your imagination. With our online collection of sarongs, welcome the summers in a different style, an exciting mood, and a lovely fashion sense by wearing a new one every day.